Wicked Breakfast Sandwich!

Wicked Breakfast Sandwich!

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We made the most massive breakfast pancake sandwich we could think of. With the help from our friends over at Sinister Labs we came up with a DELICIOUS CREATION. Well a smaller single stack version of it.


1 bag of Panic Pancakes Mix

1 bottle of Panic Pancakes Syrup

2 eggs

1 pack of breakfast sausage

1 bag of Wicked Cutz Old Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky



Mix 1 serving of pancake mix (follow bag instructions). We used a round mold to get the fluffy bisquit like buns.

Use the same round mold to cook your 2 eggs Grill the sausage Stack it all together and SMOTHER IT with Panic Pancakes Syrup. ENJOY!



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