Why Your Tastebuds Make You Leaner

Why Your Tastebuds Make You Leaner

Tastebuds are those little bumps on the inside of your tongue that you probably think about very little. Well, that’s unless one gets swollen and sore. You might believe they’re a fixed asset in the world of food, but you’re wrong. Like every part of you, they’re constantly changing and adapting. Children have about 30, 000 of them throughout their mouths but by the time you become an adult you only have about a third of them left. It’s the reason you couldn’t stand the thought of certain foods, ahem olives, when you were a little kid but may have warmed to them as you got older. Nobody comes out the womb enjoying the flavors of a good Shiraz. Tastebuds don’t just change with age, they do it with food choices too. Like a muscle they can be trained.


Changing Tastes

Your bodyweight also has a big impact on how you taste things. In fact, a paper in PLOS Biology found that obese mammals tended to have more inflammation in their body which meant their taste buds decreased significantly. This means you’d have to eat more of the same super sweet or fatty foods to get the equal level of satisfaction. The researchers think this could be the reason behind an obesity loop that many people tend to fall into.


Taste & Behaviour

Simply put, if you don’t like something, you won’t eat it. This is especially true if you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle because these goals often mean you restrict certain food types. The one non-negotiable macro nutrient for both goals is protein. You need to up your intake of it to satisfy these outcomes and a whey protein shake is an easy win as a meal replacement or as something to have before and after your workouts. So, while it may be smart to shop around the macro nutrient profiles of certain whey proteins, it’s wiser to look for the taste sensations you love most and more likely to stick with long term. Since whey protein is created from milk proteins, it tends to have that satisfying taste sensation that lingers on your tongue. It’s also one of the most absorbable protein sources you can give to your body which will always put your taste buds in control because it makes space for innovative flavor options. Whey has always been the boss of protein powders.


Develop The Right Habits

 It’s important to create a habit loop for yourself that offer a cue, craving, action and reward. Without these steps, you probably won’t stay the course over the long term. We've created unique flavors on a wide range of products, such as Cinnamon Cashew Protein BarsButtermilk Blaze Pancakes and Birthday Cake Protein Cookies. They taste incredible, will help keep you fueled, and keep you on target with your goals.


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