The Real Reason I Eat Pancakes Every Day to Lose Fat

The Real Reason I Eat Pancakes Every Day to Lose Fat

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Pancakes come with their own set of truths. The first pancake is always a dud. They look like a waffle without the abs. And whatever the problem, pancakes are almost always the solution. They’re a combination of potentially healthy ingredients gooped into a pan that offers a unique platform to load up on extra toppings. Whether it’s crispy bacon, fresh blueberries, or maple syrup – pancakes are the ideal base layer for customized nutrition. That being said, if you want them to help you lose weight then you need to follow these flat rules. 

RULE 1: Choose your base

The traditional recipe calls for flour which acts as the starchy base. Flour is a nutritionally devoid refined carb which means you can go one better. Experiment with different options such as blended sweet potato, pumpkin, buckwheat or even coconut flour. These tend to have more micronutrients that can elevate your health while seriously promoting weight loss.

RULE 2: Add fiber

If you want to lose weight you have to think about pumping the breaks on your hunger pangs. Chief nutritional engineer in this task is fiber. A paper in The Lancet found you should eat at least 25g of fiber per day to optimize longevity, fight disease and stay at a healthy weight. Add a few scoops of flaxseeds, chai seeds or some psyllium husks to the mixture. You’ll hardly taste their addition, but they will fend off the hunger that can cause you gnaw away at unhealthier food options.

RULE 3: Support your muscles

When it comes to protein, the traditional recipe demands an egg and not much else. This means they can leave ravenous for more soon after eating. The solution is to top load them with protein which offers you the opportunity to feel fuller for longer while giving your muscles the fuel they need to grow and recover. To do this you can add a whey protein supplement, which can even be flavored to give your pancakes a taste tweak. Alternatively, you can use a premade pancake mix that has added protein. This makes them super convenient to make in your kitchen and you can take them anywhere.

RULE 4: Use the right toppings

Maple syrup may be the go-to topping but be sure to add some fruits to that sweetness for extra fiber and additional antioxidants. There are also tasty combinations such as sliced banana and dark chocolate spreads, or bacon and walnuts that can add both protein and fruits. A more modern take on this are the nut spreads that have high protein flavors, such a chocolate or honeycomb, while having caffeine added to your morning gets an extra energy oomph. This makes them ideal if you’re after a pre-workout snack.

RULE 5: Grease healthily

Pancakes do need cooking so make sure your skillet is up to the task. A new non-stick pan will make the cooking process easier while making sure you don’t have to add too much oil to the pan that can add unwanted calories to the meal.

Pancakes can not only be healthy, but they’re also super delicious option you can eat at any time of day. They can be transported anywhere so you have a super convenient snack that’s at the ready when you need to fuel a training session or fill a hunger gap. Don’t relegate them to a sometimes food, they should be enjoyed as often as you like. Just flip and go.