Stop Eating This Nut Right Now

Stop Eating This Nut Right Now

Just like all things in the world of nutrition, not all nuts are created equal. Some are very calorific. That said, you can choose the healthiest ones.

If vegetables laid eggs, they’d lay nuts. This is kind of true if you consider one kind of plant grows from the other. Nuts are full of protein, the right kind of fats and unspeakable levels of nutrients and antioxidants. If you want to lose weight, have a healthier heart and lower your cholesterol, then all you have to do is get cracking. Just like all things in the world of nutrition, not all nuts are created equal. Some are very calorific. No big deal if you’re trying to bulk up or just maintain your weight. That said, things get a little squirrelly if you want to lose weight because eating too many of them can be tricky for your macro calculations. There’s another factor at play for both endeavors. Roasting.


Roasting changes things

Not in the ways you might think. It can change a nut’s chemical composition and structure. The same quantity of nuts will almost always be very similar in fat, carbs, and protein.  The roasting process usually removes a small amount of macro nutrients from this otherwise powerful food source. Why? Well, it’s mostly because a roasted nut weighs a little less thanks to the dehydration process involved in heating them. What does happen is that high temperatures can sully the super healthy fats inside the nut. What’s more, the antioxidants in the nuts are often sensitive to heat and can be lost.  This isn’t the case with all antioxidants, just a few like vitamin E, thiamine and carotenoids. Does this mean you should only stick to raw nuts? No. You can eat a mix of both options and be very healthy. Whether you prefer them raw or roasted doesn’t matter, it only matters that you eat plenty of them each day as a valued nutrient source. It’s boils down to whatever style of nut tickles your taste buds. If you’re eating more nuts, you’re doing your body a favor. That said, you can choose the healthiest ones.


Very high up that list are almonds

They’re a powerhouse of nutrients that will benefit your body in every way. They’re very high in antioxidants that work to reduce oxidative stress inside your entire body. This will help you age better and may even help you fight disease. They’re among the most abundant sources of vitamin E that helps moisturize your skin and accelerate wound healing. Yep, even the little micro wounds caused by training regularly. And if you’re looking for a way to improve the health of your heart and pretty much entire cardiovascular system them almonds are the boss. They’re prevent the build of up cholesterol, improve your blood pressure and help with blood sugar control. If you’re after a tune up for your internal engine room then almonds are the mechanic that help you purr like a V8. So where do you sign up?


Well, almonds are a very easy snack to take with you pretty much anywhere so it’s wise to make sure you have a steady supply whenever you leave the house. The trouble is, they can be a little dry and some people do report having digestive issues after eating them. Luckily, most people tolerate them very well and want to load up on the health they offer you then it’s a smart move to try an almond spread. You can add it to just about any smoothie or slap it on the end of a stick of carrot or cucumber to enjoy any time. This adds a level of creaminess to just about anything that will increase your protein levels effortlessly.


So, what is the nut you need to stop eating right now? It’s the nut you’re avoiding because you don’t like the taste or idea of them. It’s just stupid. They all offer your health something beneficial and to shrug them off is a massive exercise in disrespecting yourself.